Oemil Rodriguez was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Growing up, this future IFBB Bikini Pro was heavily into dancing and embraced her Lebanese roots by mastering the beautiful art of Belly Dancing. After high school, she went on to study medicine at the Universidad Iberoamericana in the Dominican Republic and obtained her Doctor in Medicine Degree in 2005. Shortly after, she moved to Puerto Rico with her husband and continued to grow her education by obtaining her Masters in Healthcare Administration. Despite these accomplishments, she felt that in order to make a significant impact on peoples lives, and help them lead healthier lives, she had to reach them sooner so she decided to obtain her personal training certification so that she could help people change their lifestyles before chronic disease develops. Rather than just telling her clients that anything is possible if you are committed, she decided to show them and embarked on her own body transformation which ultimately led to her obtaining her IFBB Pro card in 2016. As a mother of three children and business owner, she has continuously proven that if you plan ahead and commit to your goals, that there should be no excuses in achieving your desired goals.

Finally, you will never be forced or required to by any specific supplements. Supplements may or may not be recommended but it will never be required that you purchase any specific brand in order to participate in any of the programs.


Why Choose

Oemil Fitness

Individualized diets and workout plans

No two people are the same so why should two people have the same diet and workout. Every person gets their very own individualized diets and training program that best suits their individual needs.

Continued support through the entire process

When in my program, not only will you get a diet and workout plan, you will also have continued access to me personally.

Supervised workouts

Depending on the program that you enroll, clients may have anywhere from 1-4 supervised workouts a week. Being surrounded by others that have the same goals provides a boost in self esteem and motivation that ultimately leads to better results.

Physician Access

In order to have the best possible results, it is always recommended that clients be screened for possible hormonal or nutritional deficiencies that could interfere with weight loss. Depending on the program that you enroll, you may have Blood work obtained and reviewed by a Board Certified Physician who will then provide any recommendations in order to improve your chances of success.